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GM Cabs has established 3 different taxi services to cater for all passenger needs. Whatever the distance, amount of passengers, or vehicle you prefer – we have it on stand-by! And being a new taxi network, all our cars are brand new! Just outline your needs to us at the time of booking and you’ll get the exact car you need.

We have both Standard White Cabs and Luxury Silver Cabs operating within the Sydney area.

Standard Taxis

Standard Taxis

GM Cabs standard white taxis are new, white and hybrid taxis which are available in regular sedan, station wagon or maxi taxi. Not only will we fit the luggage you carry, but our cars are also friendly on the environment. Something GM Cabs is passionate about.

Luxury Taxi

Luxury Taxi

GM Cabs luxury taxis are silver and slightly more luxurious than the regular white taxis. Luxury taxis are also available in regular sedan, station wagon or maxi taxi. Also environmentally friendly hybrid cars.

Maxi/WAT Taxi

Maxi/WAT Taxi

Both standard white taxis and Silver Luxury Taxi are available in the larger maxi taxi. Seating up to 11 passengers, some of our Maxi Taxis are also WAT taxis – Wheel Chair Accessible Taxi, so please specify at the time of booking if this is necessary.

London Taxi

London Taxi

GM Cabs have partnered with London Rides which have now become London Taxis! Another great example of the industry push to create better experience for customers. They provide a different service from the normal taxi and work in concert with all our other drivers and cabs.

GM Cabs taxis accept cash all major credit and debit cards, Alipay, and Rydo.


Below are the maximum taxi fares and charges to take effect from 22 July 2012, as set by the Ministry of Transport for Urban Areas of NSW.

Flag Fall


Distance rate

$2.19 per kilometre

Booking fee


Waiting time

94.4c per minute while vehicle speed is less than 26 km/h


All road, bridge, ferry, tunnel and airport tolls that apply to the journey.

Maxi-cabs (seating for 5 or more adults, in addition to the driver)

Except in the case of a multiple hiring, up to 150% of the maximum fares and charges (excluding tolls) may be charged if:

  • The maxi-cab is pre-booked, regardless of the number of passengers
  • The maxi-cab is hired from a taxi zone or street hail, if there are 5 or more passengers
    No more than the maximum fare, if a maxi-cab is hired from a taxi zone or street hail, by up to 4 passengers, or pre-booked for a person using a wheelchair (unless they request a taxi with seating for more than 4 passengers)

Multiple Hirings

75% of the maximum fare per passenger, for a multiple hiring:

  • Agreed to with the consent of the driver and all hirers

All hirers commence journey at the same time and travel to destinations in same general direction

Sharing a taxi

100% of the maximum fare paid by the hirer – even if the hirer requires the driver to permit other passengers to share the taxi or to drive to other destinations before driving to the hirer’s destination.


Value Added Services

We care about our drivers and our passengers in GM cabs. If you are travelling in one of our GM branded cabs you can be assured that they will be modern, up to date, and safe. Our drivers are trained to ensure you receive the best service possible.

Our fleet carries thousands and thousands of passengers every year, and our payment system processes literally millions of payments. We do understand that sometimes things go wrong but we are here to help. If for any reason a passenger believes they have been charged incorrectly, our staff will ensure all disputed transactions are handled and investigated professionally and a refund made if necessary.


If you need a copy of your invoice for travel:

1. click the button below

2. complete the form

3. download the PDF copy of your invoice instantly.


If you have a query about a charge on your card:

1. click the button below

2. complete the form

3. one of our staff will be back to you promptly


If you have lost an item in one of our GM Cabs:

1. click the button below

2. complete the form to retrieve the driver's mobile number

3. get in contact with your driver directly


GM Cabs offers drivers across Australia an online bank approved mobile eftpos solution.

The VeriFone wireless eftpos terminal is a strong, reliable handheld unit and can be used as a portable terminal or fitted into the cab...


Our Advantages

GM CABS is Sydney’s newest taxi company! GM Cabs has been in operation in the taxi industry for over 20 years, and in 2012 put GM Cabs branded taxis on Sydney roads. To book a cab in Sydney, simply select one of the options below. We’re here to take your booking by phone, online or even our Phone App!

  • Safety and Comfort
    Safety and Comfort
    GM Cabs is the newest fleet of taxi’s in the Sydney market (less than 3 years), with the most competitive fees and services.
  • Book Online
    Book Online
    You can book a cab online directly using our web site
  • App Bookings
    App Bookings
    Rydo is powered by the GM network with over 15,000 drivers on the platform. Head on over and download the Rydo App.
  • Phone Bookings
    Phone Bookings
    Simply call 131 001 to speak with one of our friendly operators and book a cab.

Skilled drivers


Cabs online


Years on roads


Receipts per year


GM Cabs at a Glance...

GM Cabs has been a force in the taxi industry for over 20 years. We have always driven innovation and are continually striving to create a better industry. Our goal is always customer satisfaction and we will always go the extra mile to support both our drivers and our passengers.

Our Taxi Network

In 2012 GM Cabs took the final step in it’s evolution and placed GM branded cabs on the road. We now have over 150 taxis across the network that are GM cabs. Our fleet are all hybrid vehicles that are less than 3 years old that are regularly maintained to ensure our passengers safety and comfort.

Our Payment Network

For over 20 years GM Cabs has been powering taxi networks. Many consumers will receive a receipt from the GM Payments system but may have ridden in another networks branded taxi. We issue over 4,000,000 payment receipts per year.


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